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Self portrait.jpeg


I'm Rose and I am a pretty much self-taught artist from the wildy wilds of Norfolk, UK. I did study art for a little bit in college to be fair - got an A for my AS level! I'm guessing AS Levels aren't really much of a thing anymore mind!


I primarily create my work using Posca paint pens, watercolours or a mixture of both. Sometimes I use a bit of coffee too for a laugh - a bit like when you have to make a map in school using old tea bags and ripped paper. Makes the artwork smell quite nice if nothing else.

A lot of my inspiration comes from my various favourite places in Norfolk. Norfolk is underrated really - gets a bad rep but it's not all 'gimme a high six' and mustard here y'know. Anyway, often in my work I take those places and chuck a dinosaur in them, or a leopard, or whatever else. Big fan of silly things, I am. Not great at writing bios either  - haha!

I should probably also explain where Be About Space comes from. It's a random phrase my youngest kiddo used to say to our cat Smudge. Smudge would be lounging around, minding his own business when suddenly he'd hear SMUDGEY - BE ABOUT SPACE, followed by much laughter. Made me laugh too so I thought I'd nab it. Now you know!

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