Alright then!

I'm Rose, an artist from the wildy wildy wilds of Norfolk, UK...

I see a lot of artist bios written in the 3rd person - no idea why. It's pretty obvious it's gonna be me writing this so here goes... I am largely self-taught, though full disclosure - I did get an A at AS Level art. Are AS levels even still a thing? Who knows... I guess I could google it. I ended up dropping art though and for whatever reason went on to get an entire ass degree in computer science. Yep. No one was more surprised than me 😂

I've always been creative though. When I was about 6 years old I won a £10 WHSmith voucher for a piece I created of a girl saying 'Learn the Green Cross Code'. Therefore I am technically an award winning artist! Lol.

I primarily use Posca pens for my pieces, and/or watercolour, with a bit of fineliner thrown in for good measure. If there's any kind of theme tying my work together then it's probably something like 'animals living their best lives'. I especially like painting leopards, birds and horses. I just think these are cool animals tbf.

So there you have it.  *The artist is trying to convey...* not much really, other than a happy bear camping or a horse up in the sky. That kinda thing. Just my little contribution to the world!

On the off chance anyone's wondering - the Be About Space handle came from my daughter when she was about 3 or 4. She went through this phase of saying to our cat Smudge - 'Smudge, BE ABOUT SPACE'. I don't know if he had any kind of clue what she was on about, he never let on if he did.